Exhibits on exegesis

First, Exhibit 1, a snippet from the Doctrinal Statement of an unnamed non-denominational church: (If you would like to look at the references here, you can do that in the endnotes.) Second, Exhibit 2, a snippet from the beginning and a section from the end of Professor David Steinmetz’s essay, “The Superiority of Pre-Critical Exegesis”:Continue reading “Exhibits on exegesis”

Wot I Think

I would like to live in a nice liberal democracy, with liberty and justice for all, properly established freedoms based on universal human rights, a nice rational law rule of law under proper procedural forms, and all that. I just don’t expect to. Why not? Two big reasons: 1) Liberal democracy was invented in andContinue reading “Wot I Think”

On Anglicanism

This is not really about Anglicanism. It’s about Anglicanism, Baptists, Royalists, the Roman Catholic Church, American politics, Episcopalians, the English Civil War, Texas, Arkansas, non-denominational churches, my teenage angst, the Evangelical establishment, convert-itis, and how I’ve made my personal life choices. This blog post prompted by, and at the DM prompting of, @a_fellow_of, in responseContinue reading “On Anglicanism”


I’ve been thinking about Don Quixote (the book) recently, for reasons. I had never attempted to read it until a couple of years ago, by which point I was fully and firmly free of the tyranny of forced interpretations and literary taxonomies that reigns in academic literary circles and was, by the same token, inContinue reading “Metafiction”

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